300W 100Bar Wireless High Pressure Car Wash Washer Gun..

2 days 1 hour 0 minute 46 seconds


Product name: Wireless car washing machine
Material: ABS and copper
Power Supply:Lithium battery
Weight: 20000mAh (2.09KG) / 30000mAh (2.34KG)
Product pressure: 100Bar
Drive: Lithium battery wireless drive
Speed: 26000 rpm

Water Gun Spray Cleaner Auto Washing Machine Foam Generator

2 days 1 hour 1 minute 56 seconds
Can Be Used For Car Washing, Watering Flowers, Watering Vegetables, Spraying, Garden Cleaning, etc.


1. Special material waterproof, water and electricity isolation is safer
2. Self-priming/faucet 2 water inlet methods, more convenient to take water
3. 3 Water types adjustable
4.With temperature protection function, automatic shutdown of over temperature and overload, eliminating safety hazards
5.Large amount of water, easy to absorb water
6. A variety of high-quality extension accessories, cleaning is more convenient and clean
7. Multifunctional high-pressure cleaning, very suitable for car washing, garden watering, agricultural irrigation and daily cleaning
8.  Simple installation, quick plug-in installation of all interfaces


Q1: Why does the car washing machine not start after turning on the switch?is the water pressure so small?
A1: Maybe the battery is out of power, please charge

Q2: Why is there no water after turning on the car washing machine
A2: Observe whether the water pipe is bent and the water cannot be released; press the car washer for more than 15 seconds and wait for the water to be sucked into the car washer

Q3:Water leaking from multi-function nozzle,Sudden increase in water pressure

A3:The multifunction nozzle is blocked,replace the nozzle

Q4:Water flows out after the machine is turned off

A4:There is water residue in the pump door after the machine is turned off

Q5:Foam bottle can't spray ? cleaning agent

A5:Drain the water completely before storing foam bottle clogged,clean with water

Warm Tips:

1.After the car wash machine is used, it should run empty for a few seconds to drain the residual water in the machine, avoid oxidizing dirt and freezing for weather reasons, and store it in a dry and cool place.

2.Do not store in the trunk of the car in hot weather to avoid fire caused by high temperature.

3.Batteries need to be kept away from water.Remove the battery after use, so as not to affect battery life.


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