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An Amazing Discovery By An American Scientist Has Been Made Of A New Effective Bracelet That Adopts A Unique Bio-Magnetic Material That Will Improve The Internal Circulation Of The Body, Reducing Weight And Allowing You To Have A Healthy Body.



Magnetic Therapy Jewelry Has Been Used For A Wide Range Of Applications. With The Potential To Promote Pain Relief, Reduce Inflammation, And Improve Sleep Quality,

Therapeutic Magnets May Be Able To Increase Overall Well-Being.

To Maximize These Possible Benefits, Different Jewelry Pieces Can Be Worn On Different Areas Of The Body.

Many users start with magnetic bracelets as they are easy to wear and come in many designs that look just like ordinary bracelets!

This Bracelet Is Ideal For Both Men & Women's Wrists

Magnets are great for keeping your grocery list on your fridge, but could they also reduce pain and help you sleep better?

Yes and no.

Why You Will Not Get Therapeutic Benefits from Household Magnets

The magnets used for therapeutic purposes can each reach up to 70 times stronger than a typical household magnet.

A fridge magnet has roughly 50 gauss.

Gauss is a unit of measurement for magnetic strength.

By comparison, neodymium magnets used in most magnetic therapy products range from 1,000-3,500 gausses each!

Additionally, most magnetic therapy jewelry available on the market today contain multiple magnets and that amount will vary based on the type of jewelry, such as magnetic therapy braceletsmagnetic necklaces, and magnetic rings. In some pieces, There are over 45 high-strength magnets, totaling over 150,000 gauss in one bracelet! 


Why Does Gauss Matter?

150,000 of anything sounds like a lot, but what does that strength mean?

Why does that have the potential to give you therapeutic benefits, but a weaker magnet does not?

This Has To Do With The Theories Behind Magnet Therapy. 

In the early days of the therapy, ancient scientists used magnets based on the idea that they could draw out disease. Since blood contains iron,

It was theorized that a magnet would attract this metal and bring the disease with it. 

This elementary idea has greatly evolved in modern times as more is learned about the magnetic fields of earth and our bodies. Today, magnetic therapy is largely based on the idea of affecting biofields, which are the energy fields said to surround our own bodies.

Our bodies have around 1 gauss. In contrast, the earth’s surface has an average rating of 0.5 gauss. This difference could be resulting in a decrease in our own biofields. Strong magnets could help to replenish or realign these magnetic fields. This may promote healing and general well-being. Because of this, magnets may aid other therapy methods prescribed by your doctor. They can also be safe for everyday use, unlike many other therapies or pain medications.

Six Benefits of Magnetic Therapy Jewelry

With realigned biofields in the body, the potential benefits include: 

1. Improved Circulation: Similar to what ancient scientists may have believed, magnets may be used to improve blood flow to a specific area of the body. Unlike those early studies, however, this is not about curing diseases. It is, instead, said to promote general healing through improved circulation.


2. Chronic Pain Relief: Chronic pain is one of the leading causes of disability and decreased quality of life. This frequent or prolonged pain is most often caused by an abundance of lactic acid and calcium. A recent study showed that this calcium in cells responded to magnets. This could point to a more efficient way of moving calcium through the body and taking the pain with it.


3. Reduced Inflammation: Inflammation is a common cause of pain and other ailments. It often occurs when you have an injury or infection. Chemicals released from your white blood cells go to the area to help protect you from the invading element. The resulting redness and swelling are painful and have the potential for long term effects. Magnetic therapy jewelry might be able to help with this by improving blood flow to these areas of the body. 


4. Better Sleep: Insomnia can be caused by many factors. One of the most common is pain bothering us at night. If you have ever tried to sleep while your body is aching, you know how hard it is to fall asleep and get a good night's rest. Both magnetic jewelry and sleeping pads could help with the reduction of pain and stiffness. 


5. Improved Flexibility: Whether from injury or aging, decreased flexibility can have a major impact on your life. Many customers have reported that magnets have helped relax their tightened muscles and ligaments causing inflexibility. This may be accomplished with a magnet’s potential to improve blood flow and create a magnetic field conducive to tissue regeneration. 


6. Increased Vitality: Due to the potential benefits of magnetic therapy jewelry, they can be a key factor in overall vitality and well-being. With the possibility of improved sleep and reduced pain, many users have reported improvements in both mental and physical health. 

【High Quality Materials】

It is manufactured by high quality magnets that guarantee durability and an excellent magnetic improvement effect. Magnets of various shapes will cause a resonance between them to enhance the Slimming effect.

【Great Gift】

The Bracelet Is Simple And Elegant. You Can Reduce Your Weight And Give A Healthy Body. Helps To Release Pain From Joints And Muscles. Magnetic Wristbands Can Increase The Pressure And Promote Sleep.

【Ideal Item for Health Care】

This Improve The Internal Circulation Of The Body, Reducing Its Weight And Allowing It To Have A Healthy Body.


Condition: 100% Brand New

Material: Titanium Steel

Optional Color: Gold, Silver

Gender: Male & Male

Size: Approx. 20*1*0.2cm / 7.87*0.39*0.08in

Weight: Approx. 50g / 1.76oz



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