REVEALED: An Ancient Mbaise Herb With Proven Results That Can Make You Get Back To Figure-8 Shape In 22 Days Wihout Any Side Effect !

.... Plus It's Healthy And Medicinal With No added Addictives

You remembered when you looked hot and men were chasing you around ?

Or how your husband used to like your hotness, don't let him start looking outside.

You remember how confident you were and you wish to get back those cocacola shape ?

Hi there !

My name is Chisom Belinda, i hail from Aboh-Mbaise Local Government area of Imo State.

I know you must be wondering how i came about this Aju Mbaise and what it does.

See, my elder sister suddenly started getting bigger by the day, everyone was shocked at her new size and she started buying all manner of slimming products to get her f igure-8-shape back but, all failed.

One faithful day while i was in the village during the Christmas Holiday, i ran into an old friend who was very fat before but, now looking very slimfit and sexy.

I was shocked and amazed at the same time, i asked her the secret to her new body and she told me it was our Original Local Aju Mbaise.

She told me that a year ago while she was in the village her grand mum got the Aju Mbaise and specially prepared it for her to take.

She said within three weeks while she was in Lagos, she had already started seeing massive result.

Amaka my friend further told me that in the past while she was in the city that she has gotten some Aju Mbaise from some online vendors and after months that she did not get result adding that, most of the Aju Mbaise sold by some vendors online are not the original ones while some are not well prepared.

My elder sisther is a good example of such persons. She got one product years back, and almost lost her life due to fake products packaged for losing weight.

After seeing her transformation with this Originally Prepared Aju Mbaise, i took it upon myself to help other people with a natural herb from my village.

This is not your regular fake pictures downloaded online to get your money, the picture below is the current picture of my sister, coverd her face for privacy reason

How Our Newly Improved Aju Mbaise Works !

Our Newly Improved Aju Mbaise tea has a blend of Aridan in it, which makes it really effective

This tea has extreme fat burning properties and increases the body’s metabolism rate which speeds up the amount of energy used by the body
And is safe for anyone trying to lose tummy and body fat including new and old moms cause it’s a 100% safe for babies and helps breast milk flow

It also flushes out stale blood, excess water in the uterus and fat causing big belle pouch, which causes shrinkage of the tummy to its normal size.

It enhances bowel movement, which is very essential to prevent constipation in new moms and as well prevents absorption of excess and unwanted body fat after burning already deposited fat.

It treats hormonal imbalance, eliminates painful menses, regulate mesntrual cycle for proper ovulation, which in turn aids fertility and conception in TTC women and co.

It could help suppress your appetite, but I’d advise if you’re trying to lose weight fast, get my healthy weightloss kit, which consists of the Aju Mbaise tea, my green coffee mix and my Skin glow and weight blast book to help you incorporate healthy eating and lifestyle

1. Question: Can a pregnant woman take it ?

Ans: No please

2. Question: Can a woman trying to conceive take it?

Ans: Yes, it boosts fertility and prepares the womb for conception

3. Question: Can an ulcer patient take it?

Ans: Yes, please

4. Question: Can a breastfeeding mum take it?

Ans: Yes please, it’s 100% safe

5. Question: Are there any side effects?

Ans: None, but for some persons, you might go to toilet frequently

6. Question: How long do I take it before I start seeing weightloss results?

Ans: You must be consistent for atleast 1 month, you start seeing results from week 3 if you eat right alongside


Originally Sourced, Prepared Aju Mbaise Tea.


BEFORE N18,000
TODAY N12,000 

This is my book below and most times people have asked me to reveal my glowing secrets.

I am not a fan of spending huge money on Creams to glow, i have my special screts the keeps me glowing and looking dazzling always.

I usually sell this guide for N3,000 

But because you are getting the healthy weightloss kit, i will give to you for free.

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2 days 1 hour 57 minutes 37 seconds
3 days 2 hours 3 minutes 37 seconds

21 Days Kit Is 15,000 Naira

(Recommendation For People Trying To Loose 5-7kg And Below)

40 Days Kit For 22,000 Naira

(Recommendation For People Trying To Loose 10-15kg)

60 days kit for 30,000 Naira

(Recommendation For People Trying To Loose 20kg And Above )

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